Learn The Basics Of Outdoor Survival

shelter made from brush

There are some techniques that survivalists use every day to help them survive. They have learned what works and what doesn’t. In this article, you will learn some of these survival tips which can be applied in a survival situation. It would be best to always remember that survival is very individualistic, so one person’s idea of survival may not work for another person.

Things To Consider When Stranded

When survival is concerned, you should know that survival is not just about survival. It’s also about survival with comfort. Therefore, proper planning and preparation are definitely needed to be adequately prepared for survival situations. Having the appropriate knowledge of survival and being able to use this knowledge appropriately will help your chances of having a successful survival experience.

Learn How To Make A Shelter Out Of Wood

The most essential survival item that you can have is knowledge. Knowing how and what to do in survival situations will give you the confidence needed to keep going when things seem bleak. Knowing about survival at home and knowing survival outdoors are two totally different situations, so planning for both scenarios will allow you to be more prepared for any situation. Learning how to cut trees and prepare a shelter are important. When cutting down a tree, the survivalist will need to select a tree that is free of branches and sticks. Dead-standing trees are best because they are stronger and straight. If the survivalist cannot cut the tree down in one shot with an ax or hatchet, he should start by taking off some small branches that can be used as a fire starter while saving the larger pieces for the shelter.

How To Start A Fire

There are many different ways to ignite a survival flame, and one of the best survival fire starter materials is tinder fungus. It has been used for hundreds of years by survivalists because it burns slowly in addition to being flammable. The only problem with this survival fire starter is that you cannot make it out in the wilderness. Instead, it would be best if you used simple survival techniques to ignite a flame. Survival water filters are survival fire starter materials that can be used for drinking. You should have this survival tool with you at all times if you are trying to survive in the wilderness, even though it takes some effort because of how much work you must put into survival situations. See the survival fire starter section for more information on these survival tools.

How To Filter Water For Drinking

You can not drink directly out of a lake or river, so you must either treat the water, filter it, or boil it before using it. You can make a survival water filter using a survival length of tubing, bucket, and sand.

Survival tip: If you have space, pack your survival length of tubing with your survival kit as well. To use this survival tool to get safe drinking water out of an impure source such as a lake or river, just follow the instructions that came with your device.

Surviving The Elements

Being stranded outdoors requires intelligent and actionable decision-making. If you plan to survive the elements, you will need to think quickly on your feet and take action immediately when opportunities present themselves.

Good luck out there!