Survival Tips When Traveling Through The Arizona Desert


For adventure enthusiasts, the Arizona Desert is a top attraction. As a matter of fact, many tourists who plan adventure trips often include a visit to Southern Arizona, with a visit to the Sonoran desert as a must. As exciting and adventurous as it sounds, surviving in the harsh conditions of the desert wilderness is not something very easy.

Surviving the harsh conditions of the Arizona Desert is a challenging task. If you are planning a trip any time soon, then you need to know a few things that can make it easier for you. It will ensure a great travel experience and make sure that you can make the most out of such an amazing adventure experience without any complications. 

In the next part of this blog, you will find a few important points and tips to survive while traveling through the Arizona desert. So, keep reading. 

Tips To Survive On Your Journey Through The Arizona Desert

Just like any other desert region, the Southern Arizona Deserts also feature similar conditions. Vast arid regions with harsh weather conditions and wilderness. These basic desert survival skills will ensure a great travel experience if you plan on an adventure here. 

Look for cover

Getting under cover is one of the most difficult things in a desert and yet a very important thing to do as well. Bringing your head under a shade is primary, but the rest of the body must also be under a cover. You will have to find a suitable shade, or you will need to construct a shade shelter for yourself. Keeping out of the direct sun is crucial for surviving on your journey through the desert. This is why you must look for cover and rest during the journey. 

Prevent getting dehydrated

The most important thing to do in a desert is to keep yourself hydrated. You need to remember that dehydration can be your worst enemy in desert conditions. Carry sufficient water to last for the time you will take to travel through the Arizona desert and consume it in sips while hiking on a hot, dry day.

Start Early 

It is very important to schedule your journey properly to ensure you can enjoy a great desert hiking experience in the Arizona Desert. You should preferably pack up before the sun rises and start the trip as early as possible. The early morning temperatures would be more tolerable for hikers, and you can cover the majority of the distance to your destination before midday, when the heat gets at its peak. You can also rest in the shade during the afternoon. 

Weather-Protection Kit And Skin Care

For the Arizona Deserts, packing sunscreen is a must. Applying SPF 100 category sunscreen every two hours will ensure the right levels of protection. You also need to wear breathable and lightweight fabric and also carry and wear light-colored clothing. Skin cleaning and moisturizing are key to protecting your skin in the desert climate. 

Final Words

You do not need to be a full-fledged survival expert to survive on your journey through the Arizona desert. Desert survival is mostly about striking a balance between staying out of the heat during the daytime and keeping yourself warm during the cold desert nights and saving and conserving water while also keeping yourself hydrated. With the above tips, you can survive through your desert journey and experience an exceptional adventure in the Arizona Desert.